Major Victory for the Sacred Headwaters
December 19th, 2012

After nearly a decade of work, oil and gas has been banned from the Sacred Headwaters! Thank you to all those who have worked so long and hard for this. To read more, please visit my update on National Geographic.

Sacred Headwaters

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 Just five years ago the sockeye salmon run in the Fraser River was so low that there was a multiyear and multimillion dollar inquiry into the issue. Fast forward to today, and the Fraser River is experiencing a massive run. The millions of salmon migrating up the river system are a dramatic illustration of how little we know about this fish so deeply rooted in west coast culture. #onassignment @natgeo @macleansmag @natgeocreative  On #WorldFoodDay I'm photographing a commercial salmon fishery. But this one, called a terminal fishery, is different than most. Rather than fishing in coastal waters where nets catch salmon from a number of different runs, including threatened ones, terminal fisheries catch salmon farther up river near their spawning grounds. This allows them to target only strong, healthy runs, while letting threatened runs recover. Some people won't eat salmon from terminal fisheries, claiming the fish are too dry and the worse for wear after their long migration, while others eat only terminal fishery salmon, saying the slight difference in taste is a small price for sustainability. #onassignment for @natgeo @macleansmag. @natgeocreative  Wood Buffalo National Park, where the bison don't roam prairies, they crash through trees. Start of a new project on this land of superlatives. @cangeo @travelalberta #explorealberta  Following the finger to Canyon City, searching for salvation fish.