Art Gallery of Ontario: Mystical Landscapes

Honoured to be speaking at the Art Gallery of Ontario with Col. Chris Hadfield on November 2nd. I will be sharing images from our Arctic trip and discussing a landscape's power to spark something deep inside us. This evening is tied to the AGO exhibition, Mystical Landscapes, conceived by Katharine Lochnan and on display until late January--I highly recommend seeing it. 


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The Great Canadian Hip Trip

The Tragically Hip was the musical backdrop of my formative years. When travel plans had me driving across Canada, I decided to shoot The Great Canadian Hip Trip: 5,000 kms, 50 hrs of Hip, and 250 sheets of instant film. In the style of retro family road trips, I photographed scenes across Canada inspired by Hip lyrics. This is what the Hip looks like to me. See it in The Walrus. 

      "You'll have to wait a minute cause it's an Instamatic."  - GD (So Hard Done By)

     "You'll have to wait a minute cause it's an Instamatic." - GD (So Hard Done By)

     “Local boy went to prison, man’s buried on the hill.”  - GD (38 Years Old)

     “Local boy went to prison, man’s buried on the hill.” - GD (38 Years Old)

      “Well the taxi driver liked his rhythm / Never liked the stops / Throes of passion, throes of   passion / When something just threw him off”  - GD (Blow at Hight Dough)

     “Well the taxi driver liked his rhythm / Never liked the stops / Throes of passion, throes of passion / When something just threw him off” - GD (Blow at Hight Dough)

Generator Arctic

I am honoured to join Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield's Generator Arctic. A team of scientists, photographers, writers, musicians and videographers will board the Soviet-era icebreaker for an 18-day Arctic expedition from southern Greenland to Resolute Bay. Through diverse mediums, we will bring this extremely remote and rapidly changing environment to a wide audience.

The Twelfth

A photoessay on the Protestant celebration in Northern Ireland known as The Twelfth is published in the August 8th issue of Maclean's Magazine. The Twelfth commemorates the Battle of the Boyne, a war in 1690 that marked the beginning of Protestant ascendency in Ireland. Every July 12th, Protestant marching bands and members of the Orange Order parade through the streets of Northern Ireland, at times ending in violence as they clash with Catholic communities. The holiday is kicked off the night before with the burning of bonfires up to 100' tall throughout the country. Many outsiders may think that Northern Ireland has moved pass The Troubles since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, but it remains a severely divided country--if a Protestant marries a Catholic, it is considered a "mixed relationship" and may result in being disowned by family. The Twelfth is the most dramatic example of distrust, resentment and hatred bubbling over between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland.


National Magazine Awards

Happy to share that my story on Wood Buffalo National Park for Canadian Geographic Magazine received an Honourable Mention at the National Magazine Awards. 


Thanks BuzzFeed for including me in this eclectic list. My inner six-year-old-future-astronaut is thrilled to be on a list with NASA.

WWF in Bristol Bay

The Bristol Bay story is out now in World Wildlife Magazine. If you live in the US, chances are the last sockeye salmon you ate came from the great Bristol Bay, known as America's Fish Basket. I spent two weeks flying the path of the salmon, from ocean to spawning grounds, meeting a great diversity of people all united by salmon.


MEE Cover

Happy to have an image on the cover of Methods in Ecology and Evolution. This was taken a few years back with the help of the generous folks at Ascending the Giants, tree climbers and arborists extraordinaire.  

Crows in Canadian Wildlife Magazine

A fun story on crows I shot for Canadian Wildlife Magazine is on stands. These remarkably intelligent birds--some peg their analytical skills to the level of seven-year-olds--are known to bring gifts to people who feed them, and they'll remember the faces of those who have harassed them for up to eight years. They even pass their enemy list on to their young, so remember to be nice!